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How To Exactly To Plan For Solar Power When Building A New Home Or Commercial Building?

If you’re planning of embedding solar power in your new home or in commercial property (either as part of the build or later on) we highly recommend you start planning for it now. The below tips will save you money, time and regrets later on, by getting your solar installation right, from the start. But make sure you hire an efficient solar power company.

Lay of the land

The way your block of land is shaped can have a surprising impact on the efficiency of your solar panels. Let us take an example, if you buy a block of land with a steep hill on the northern or eastern side, the sun won’t hit your solar panels until much later in the day time compared with a flat block or one with a hill on the southern or western side.

If you’re taking into account of buying a coastal block, it’s worth checking with your electricity provider whether you’ll need to install solar panels with a higher than average salt and wind corrosion rating. Power authorities such as Western Power need to make sure your panels will be able to withstand our harsh coastal conditions. If you’re desperate to live by the coast, just make sure you budget accordingly.

Roof design

In most cases, California solar company suggests, a north facing roof will enable your solar panels to capture as much sunlight as possible. In case north facing isn’t an option, a western orientation is your next best bet.

What else are you thinking of putting on your roof that might cast shadows onto your solar panels? Systems such as Satellite dishes, TV aerials, and chimneys, awnings, shade sails or AC all have the potential to reduce your solar output. Keep Trying and positioning these items well away from your solar panels.

If you’re thinking of a home with a flat roof, don’t forget that you’ll need to position your solar panels on an angle to capture as much solar energy as possible. Keeping this in mind, you may be better off choosing a more conventional (and more solar-friendly) roof design if you have your heart set on going solar.

So, these are the pointers you must take care of while building a new home.

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